Bio-inspirierte Architektur und Konstruktion

Forschung // 24. Februar 2012

Bio-inspirierte Architektur und Konstruktion

Sonderausgabe der Zeitschrift Bioinspiration & Biomimetics (Volume 7
Number 1, March 2012):

Editorial: Has biomimetics arrived in architecture?
Petra Gruber and George Jeronimidis (Guest Editors)

Beyond assemblies: system convergence and multi-materiality.
Tom Wiscombe

Design and construction principles in nature and architecture.
Jan Knippers and Thomas Speck

Biomimetic design processes in architecture: morphogenetic and evolutionary computational design.
Achim Menges

Numerical simulations of odorant detection by biologically inspired sensor arrays.
R Schuech, M T Stacey, M F Barad and M A R Koehl

Improved single- and multi-contact life-time testing of dental restorative materials using key characteristics of the human masticatory system and a force/position-controlled robotic dental wear simulator.
D Raabe, A Harrison, A Ireland, K Alemzadeh, J Sandy, S Dogramadzi, C Melhuish and S Burgess

Studying nanostructured nipple arrays of moth eye facets helps to design better thin film solar cells.
Rahul Dewan, Stefan Fischer, V Benno Meyer-Rochow, Yasemin Özdemir, Saeed Hamraz and Dietmar Knipp

An oscillator network exhibiting a long-lasting response to an external signal.
Takuro Moriyama and Daisuke Kurabayashi

A decentralized control scheme for an effective coordination of phasic and tonic control in a snake-like robot.
Takahide Sato, Takeshi Kano and Akio Ishiguro

Stance leg control: variation of leg parameters supports stable hopping.
Sebastian Riese and Andre Seyfarth

Pressure-actuated cellular structures.
M Pagitz, E Lamacchia and J M A M Hol

Kinematic control of aerodynamic forces on an inclined flapping wing with asymmetric strokes.
Hyungmin Park and Haecheon Choi

Emergence of self-organized amoeboid movement in a multi-agent approximation of Physarum polycephalum.
Jeff Jones and Andrew Adamatzky

A bio-robotic platform for integrating internal and external mechanics during muscle-powered swimming.
Christopher T Richards and Christofer J Clemente

Micro/nanofabrication for a realistic beetle wing with a superhydrophobic surface.
Jin Hwan Ko, Jihoon Kim, Jongin Hong, Yonghoon Yoo, Youngjong Lee, Tai Lie Jin, Hoon Cheol Park, Nam Seo Goo and Doyoung Byun

Effects of shape and stroke parameters on the propulsion performance of an axisymmetric swimmer.
Jifeng Peng and Silas Alben