BIOKON – Membership


Applicable for a membership are:

• Natural persons, who are dedicated in particular to issues of bionic science and its practical application as well the preparation and distribution of relevant ideas and concepts, thus supporting the goals of the society.

• Institutions and companies, which are interested in the furthering and support of the aims of the society and which participate in particular in the planning and in carrying out collaborative projects of the society.

• Societies and organizations which support the purposes of the society

• Scientific institutions, which are active in the field of bionics

• Other individuals, or groups of people, or institutions can become members as »supporting members« without the right to vote.

The membership is acquired through a written application. The managing board decides on whether or not to accept a membership application. The membership begins with the decision to accept the membership by the managing board. The members pay a yearly fee (in German). Natural persons can be appointed honorary members by suggestion of the managing board, if they have acquired special merits for the advancement of the society’s aims. They have the same rights as ordinary members, however, they are preempted from the yearly fee.

If you like to become a member of BIOKON e. V., please send an e-mail to the coordination bureau (kontakt(at)biokon(dot)de) with an informal application for membership.