BIOKON – Managing board

Managing board

The registered association Biomimetics Network of Excellence e. V. (BIOKON) was founded on April, 23rd, 2004. It is registered at the district court of Charlottenburg, Berlin, as number VR 23384B .

The board consists of five elected members with one coordinator and his or her representative:

> Prof. Dr. Antonia Kesel, Chair of the association
> Markus Hollermann, Deputy chairman
> Prof. Dr. Ivo Boblan
> Prof. Dr. William Megill
> Mario Stegerer

Purpose and goals of the society

The society is an association of experts and institutions with proven competence in the field of bionics, that are actively contributing to the further development of this scientific discipline and its applications in research, education, business and industry, politics and culture. Additionally, members can be interested individuals, who effectively support the ideas of bionics and the society in its various tasks. The society follows exclusively and only charitable purposes on a national and international stage by furthering the cooperation in science and research, education, and on environmental issues (»sustainable developments«). These intentions of the rules can be realized

• Nationwide initiatives and measurements for the integrative networking of biological, ecotechnological, and engineering research, the formation of transdisciplinary work groups, a systematic analysis of the national and international state-of-the-art, the carrying out of trend analyses, a competent counseling of governmental departments, funding institutions, foundations, and other responsible bodies, investors, and decision-makers, the initiation of thematic focal points for funding and concrete research, and development projects with bionic content, rendering expert opinions.

• Supervising and conducting research and development projects in the field of bionics and furthering the transfer of bionic research results in economic and environmental engineering applications.

• Publication of research results of state-aided projects of BIOKON.

• Organization of scientific events, fairs, and exhibitions.

• Organizing and carrying out continued learning and on-the-job-trainings in the field of bionics.

• Promotion the integration of transdisciplinary work, think approaches, and bionic teaching in educational programs for primary, secondary, and tertiary education, and in institutions which provide opportunities for vocational training.

• General education via public lectures and plenums as well as the publication of information and teaching material on bionics.

• Informing the public about current progresses in bionics in the media and via the Internet.

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