International Symposium on Palaeo-bioinspiration (PALBINS)

Veranstaltung // 24. April 2023

International Symposium on Palaeo-bioinspiration (PALBINS)

The French Natural History Museum (MNHN) is delighted to host the first International Symposium on Palaeo-bioinspiration (PALBINS), 13th-15th September 2023 in Paris, France.

Bioinspiration is an approach to innovation that converts ideas and principles found in nature into novel products, processes and systems, ideally contributing to sustainable development. Given that current species represent only 0.1% of all life that has ever existed on earth, a bioinspired approach based on the observation of paleobiological systems increases the potential of bioinspiration considerably. The fossil record offers not only a great diversity of biological models, but also provides context for understanding form-function relationships, and the origins of key traits observed in living systems.

The 2023 International symposium on Palaeo-bioinspiration, coordinated by Bioinspire-Museum, will be the first dedicated to this subject. The symposium aims to create connections between palaeontologists, designers, engineers and industry representatives to foster bioinspiration initiatives focused on the fossil record.

Conference topics will include: (i) Principles of Palaeo-bioinspiration, (ii) Palaeo-bioinspiration applications and (iii) Challenges and future directions.

Important Dates:
24th April 2023: Open call for abstracts/Registration
24th June 2023: Deadline for abstract submissions
24th June 2023: Deadline for registration with reduced fee
24th July 2023: Registration deadline